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Previous Entry Save Woxy Feb. 28th, 2006 @ 07:33 am Next Entry
(This post has been copied and pasted from lavena138's journal.)

Hey, if you don't know already, Woxy may have to shut down forever if they don't get enough subscriptions by March 6th.

Seriously, folks, we can't let that happen. We almost lost it once (well, we did lose it once), we can't lost it again, for good this time. For $9.95 you can help save one of the last, great, truly independent radio stations in the US. If you can afford it, do it. And hey, if you can swing $500, they'll send you a piece of the famous autograph wall!

This is from Woxy's front page:

In an opinion piece in the Indiana Daily Student, Brian McFillen writes:

Two weeks ago, the best radio station I've ever heard announced that if it cannot find enough subscribers by March 6, it might shut down forever.

WOXY.com is an independent, Internet-based station that plays modern rock like ‘60s FM radio used to play modern rock—like MTV in the ‘80s used to play modern rock. In short, its disc jockeys (not computers) spend every day bursting the boomer-promoted myth that music today doesn’t hold a candle to the “good old days.” I’d hazard a guess that it introduces more new artists in two hours than MTV does in a week (or, would, if it still showed music videos).

But despite offering an exceptional service, WOXY is scrambling for survival, thanks to bandwidth costs and licensing fees. Incredibly, whereas major record labels will go so far as bribe music directors to play their music on terrestrial radio (you’ll see a Sony logo next to payola in the dictionary), they actually charge Internet radio stations to play their music.

Folks, there’s a war on for the very heart of our culture. And you and I are losing—because most people are too distracted, or resigned, or ignorant, or apathetic; or, worst of all, too content with letting someone else call the shots for them.
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Date:February 28th, 2006 01:52 pm (UTC)
Fuck corporate radio, seriously. I still blame Clear Channel almost entirely for woxy's initial demise. If it goes down this time, the world is entirely fucked and unjust.

Trev and I paid twice. We can't pay are goddamn bills, but like hell are we gonna let woxy die again!
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